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Bonavistanew's Diamonds in the Ruff

Two Males and One Female.  The theme for this litter is “Diamonds in the Ruff”… Each one is very precious just like a special stone.

We have one male with a white arrow down his chest and two back paws with white on the bottom.  We named him Tazanite or Taz for short.

The second male is completely black with one white spot on a rear paw underneath.  We named him Onyx.

The lovely girl is a little Pink Diamond and we often call her Suzie Q.  She is all black with a patch of white on her chest and two rear paws with white on the bottom. 

All are very smart, active and very sweet, they like to be cuddled, play and get into mischief.  They are good eaters and really good puppies.

Great News – All puppies hearts have cleared by the Cardiologist, and are all very healthy.

All call names are temporary and can be changed when they go with their new families.

Photos and updates will be here as they happen and I am not changing bedding for puppies or tending to their needs.

Announcing our 1st litter Fall of 2023

Daybreaker’s (FCI) Forget Me Not – Khloe  &  Birchbark’s Sam Adams – Sam



We will only breed if there is enough of an interest, therefore if you are interested in applying for a puppy, please click here to fill out our application



Bonavistanew's Diamonds in the Ruff

Date of Birth

November 4, 2023


Khloe - Daybreaker's (FCI) Forget Me Not


Sam - Birchbark's Sam Adams




2 Males, 1 Female

Land of Origin

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


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